If you are visiting this site I assume you are looking for a therapist or interested in the benefits of adding massage to your choices of health care. If you are a newcomer to massage, head to the Benefits or Question and Answer sections to better understand the concept of bodywork and find out why reports indicate that massage often reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, boosts the immune system, and increases endorphins. And if you are a mom-to-be, review the Pregnancy Massage information.

I have included a What to Expect section and description of techniques that will have you sounding like a regular in no time! Thankfully, folks are beginning to grasp the concept that massage is for both preventive and responsive health care — with more and more people recognizing the preventive benefits and the accumulative effects of regular sessions.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
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“Seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a method to help deal with the stresses of daily life or wanting to maintain good health, more and more Americans are turning to therapeutic massage.”

I approach my work in both a professional and relational manner. When I began my practice I knew the connection with people, and being present to them, was more important to me than another body moved through the door. With that in mind, I schedule enough time between clients to comfortably check in and out, and don't overbook my days so I have nothing to give during my last session. Over the years I have made some good friends and have also had the privilege of walking with many through difficult physical and emotional times in their lives. I don't pretend to be the answer or have all the answers but I believe my clients know I genuinely care.

My desire is to create a safe space where you can relax and receive what you need physically and emotionally. At times that means emotions may be released. I encourage you to talk if you like, be quiet if you don't, laugh, cry, whatever is needed to fully experience what is right for that session. I know my clients are trusting me and I seek to be worthy of that trust, respecting their privacy and keeping confidentiality.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available online, or through the office.

My faith is foundational to my approach to both life and health. Trusting that "every good and perfect gift comes from above", I attempt to be a conduit of healing, love and compassion to others. You can read more of my thoughts about this in the spiritual health section of this site.

Lastly, communication is important to me so please let me know when I am serving you well and when I am not. This dialogue is important so we can both be satisfied with the quality of the care.

God's peace to you!

So whether you are looking for pain relief, preventative health care, or simply relaxation and a little pampering, the benefits of massage are clear.

Equilibrium3 Therapeutic Massage located in Hyde Park, Cincinnati: for physical, mental and emotional health.