Equilibrium3’s Essentia Experience Therapy™ is offered by Sandra Brock and is focused on the integration of Body, Soul and Spirit—the whole person. How we think, feel, act, relate, process and heal, influences the balance in our bodies, the peace in our souls, and our capacity for meaningful spiritual connection. Essentia™ combines prayer (focusing on the soul and spirit) with physical touch, completing the circle to bring healing and balance to the whole person.

Taking care of the soul and spirit is important work. Many ignore symptoms of imbalance in their hearts and minds and end up carrying the effects in their bodies. Responding quickly to painful issues and seeking healing for our souls will not only give us peace, but will help keep our bodies healthy.

Are you experiencing fear, anxiety, depression, unhealthy habits, heartache, grudges, unresolved pain, addictions, compulsions, or broken relationships? Taking time to seek healing for presenting emotions, repeating patterns, unresolved pain, or conclusions and interpretations of past experiences, will lead to a renewed thought life and freedom from destructive behaviors. My desire is to help you resolve the past so you can be fully alive in the present.

“The terms spirit and soul refer to ways of living, not to parts of self. Humans are an organic whole, not a collection of parts. We do not possess a soul, but we are soul. Similarly we do not posses a spirit or even a body; we are spirit and we are body.” – David G. Benner, PhD.

•How would you describe the Essentia Experience™ ?
-Paying attention to what you need to be well
-Listening to what your body is trying to tell you
-Learning to let go
-Trusting the wisdom of the body
-Letting your body move, twitch, shake to facilitate release
-Slowing down your mind
-Listening to your heart
-Exploring deeper
-Asking yourself good questions
-Paying attention to physical and emotional connections
-Breaking the power of fear
-Moving through stuck places
-Resolving what is unresolved
-Talking to God
-Paying attention to the Spirit’s invitation
-Loving your true self
-Learning to trust yourself
-Stepping out of dark places into the light

•What could I expect in an Essentia Experience Therapy™ session?
Essentia Experience Therapy is focused on the integration of Body, Soul and Spirit. Although not a traditional deep tissue massage, Essentia includes JB Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy touch elements and may include some stretching and movement. Although not counseling, Essentia provides insights and applications aimed at bringing about the healing of unresolved issues. Although not focused on religion, Essentia hinges on the experience of encountering God through listening prayer.

•How long is a session?
Sessions are 90 minutes in length.

•What do I wear?
It is recommended for the client to wear something they feel comfortable in as all releases are done directly on the skin and some may involve movement. Female clients may wear a two-piece bathing suit, or a bra/sports bra and long legged underwear or shorter shorts. Male clients may wear longer leg underwear, or short shorts

Fees: $145 per 90 minute session.


Essentia Experience Therapy brochure

The body, soul and spirit are deeply connected. I have over 25 years of training and experience in mentoring, spiritual direction, prayer counseling and listening/healing prayer, and have been a licensed massage therapist since 1997.

Trained in spiritual direction, I have also been an on-call staff member offering prayer and bodywork with Sustainable Faith, a retreat facility in Norwood, Ohio. Additionally, I have used these gifts for a number of years contributing to the National Vineyard team on Pastoral Sabbath Retreats which are focused on restoration. In 2012, I received an award from the Cincinnati organization, Connections-A Safe Place for using my professional skills to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for victims of sexual abuse.


“I have had the great privilege of serving with Sandra during special ten day retreats designed to provide intensive care for pastor couples. Her ministry effectively brings together the body, soul, and spirit in a way that provides a powerful ministry to the whole person. Sandra is experienced, sensitive, focused, and gifted as she draws upon her backgrounds in massage and healing prayer ministry. The men and women who have allowed her to guide them prayerfully through a massage experience testify to the person that the results have been truly liberating, integrating, and powerful.

I believe God uses Sandra in this unique way for a purpose – as a pioneer showing how we can honor His genius in making us embodied human beings who bear His image and who respond to life in all dimensions. What Sandra provides, in a word, is really good for people! As an experienced professional Christian Counselor and Pastor I believe Sandra to be sound in the faith, alive to the Holy Spirit, and skilled in her art. I am pleased to endorse her work and service without reservation.“ — Bill Faris, MPC
. . . . . . .

“I’ve known Sandra for over 20 years and throughout this time her desire has always been to bring the healing of Christ to our wounds. I have both received prayer from her and also worked with her praying for others and my experience has been excellent. Sandie is respectful, careful, discerning and compassionate. Sandie helps people listen to the Spirit and discern the touch of God in their lives rather than imposing her own will by telling people what they should do. Throughout the prayer time Sandie gently invites people to go the next step with God. I am a licensed independent marriage and family therapist and have been practicing for 20 years. Talk therapy can bring good results, but for those who are open to prayer, I heartily endorse this method of healing.” – David Barr, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. www.davidwbarr.com
. . . . . . .

“The personal healing I experienced at the Pastor’s Sabbath Retreat was unlike any other I had before. I met with a counselor, spiritual director and received incredible healing through massage and prophetic prayer. I was a mess when I arrived and through the care provided for my entire being – body, emotions and heart – I literally left transformed with so much hope and vitality.” – Rose Swetman, Northwest Regional Leader, Vineyard Church

. . . . . . .

“If you’re looking for healing /massage, I’d recommend you contact Sandie Brock. Sandie is extremely gifted in this art. Many of our guests at The Convent have been to her for massage/prayer and have felt it was a life changing event. She’s also trained and gifted in inner healing prayer if you prefer to go that route without massage.” – Jody Nixon, The Convent/Sustainable Faith. www.sustainablefaith.com

. . . . . . .

Sandra has been a preferred massage therapist of mine for many years. Sandra is 100% professional and her ability to integrate body work with emotional/spiritual/soul work is unparalleled. There is literally nobody I’d trust more in that capacity. If you’re looking for a massage therapist with wide ranging skill, knowledge and depth you will not go wrong with Sandra.” – Kevin Rains, Owner City Center Collision

. . . . . . .

“Sandra offers a wealth of experience in healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. She is truly gifted in healing of the whole person.” — Susan Carson, Director at Roots & Branches Network for Healing and Growth

. . . . . . .

In her work as a massage therapist and prayer counselor, Sandie Brock is providing an essential service in the field of wholistic healthcare. I enjoy collaborating with Sandie as I have found her to be a therapist who uses good judgment and wisdom with her clients and continues to keep current with developments in the field. Sandie is particularly sensitive to dissociative issues and I have found her to be an invaluable referral resource in helping provide the full range of services clients need. — Cheryl White-Schaeffner, Psychologist. Advanced Practice Nurse.

. . . . . . .
“Sandie is a beautiful example of a woman doing what she was made to do. With a passion for healing both on the physical and emotional/spiritual levels and a deeply compassionate heart, Sandie has found the perfect match for her abilities in therapeutic massage and inner listening. In a culture that is often slow to acknowledge the connection between our bodies and our minds/hearts, Sandie offers a refreshingly integrated gift to those she serves. I eagerly await the time I get to spend with Sandie and always feel replenished after I leave.” — Elizabeth Hatchett, principal at Betty Hatchett Design

. . . . . . .

Sandie is an exceptional person overall. Her God given skills and abilities with people are remarkable. She is perhaps one of the most widely connected people I know. She continues to provide deep spiritual touch, both in her massage therapy practice and her healing prayer efforts. But don’t take my word for it, call for an appointment and see for yourself. — Rusty Geverdt Pastor – North Star Church

. . . . . . .

Sandie is unparalleled in her network among Cincinnati area movers and shakers. Foremost, my recommendation is for her unique depth of knowledge and experience in areas of healing massage….her knowledge of how body, soul and spirit interconnect is deep and wide. Her insight is life changing! Need a breakthrough? Contact Sandie. — Pam Ping, Global Training Manager at Equipping Ministries International